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Jo Mitchell Long

Jo is a contemporary designer and artist living and working in Surrey, UK.  

Jo works mainly in Acrylics, as the fast drying medium lends itself well to Jo’s abstract gestural paintings. Jo paints with speed and expressive strokes and enjoys working on a larger scale where she has the space to develop her ideas as part of her creative process. Jo’s background in graphic design and her love of strong mark making has developed her artistic style. By breaking out of regimented grids and direct visual messages, and using colour, tone, texture and shape, Jo creates intuitive spontaneous paintings to connect with the viewer.


Jo has a great love of nature and human psychology, with an interest in emotion and communication. Drawing inspiration from both her London roots, graphic career and her current semi-rural living, Jo explores abstract landscapes juxtoposed with high energy expressive abstract works.

   “My mind is always racing with creative energy and ideas and painting is my release. Being in nature helps calm my thoughts and I explore the connections between nature, energy and creativity on my canvas”


Exhibitions and Awards

April 2023. Artist in Residence.
Vivere Hosting, Surrey.

March 2023. Contemporary Art Fair. 


Oct 2022. Exhibit Here Art Maze. 

Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf. London.

July 2022. Longlisted VAA 

Professional Artist of the Year Award.

July 2022 - Talented Art Fair


Sold to Private Collections.

May 2022 - Emerge Group Exhibition

La Fontaine Contemporary Art. Surrey.

Sold to Private Collections.

May 2022- New Artist Exhibition
The Boomer Gallery. London

Oct 2021 - Heart Group Exhibition

La Fontaine Contemporary Art. Surrey.

Sold to Private Collections.

Represented by
La Fontaine Contemporary Art


Chelsea School of Art. Foundation

UAL LCC. BA Graphic and Media Design




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